ChatsNow - ChatGPT for Search Engine(for Google, Bing and more)

ChatGPT for Search Engines (for Google, Bing) was developed by ChatsNow as a powerful browser add-on that enhances search engine capabilities by integrating the benefits of ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT for Search Engine Can Help You

ChatGPT for Search Engine's advantages

Compatible with major search engines

We summarize the most accurate results of the major search engines for you, so that you know what you are looking for without having to browse all the pages.

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Use ChatGPT in your browser at any time

You can open ChatGPT and use it at any time from the browser plug-in panel. You can also set a shortcut to open the window with one click.

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How Does It Work?

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Login to your OpenAi account

You need to log in to your openAi account in order to use ChatGPT for Search Engine properly.
Note: You can enter your own key to get a faster response time.


Search on your browser

ChatGPT for Search Engine supports almost all search engines, you can enter keywords in your browser and ChatGPT for Search Engine summarizes the selected part of the search results for you.

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Using ChatGPT in a small window

Click on the extension button on the top right to use ChatGPT at any time.

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